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Massage Therapists Can Do Wonders for Your Overall Health

I work long hours and spend a lot of time in front of a computer, therefore I have been suffering from considerable pain in my back and shoulders for years. The pain gradually increased and finally got so bad I couldn’t sleep at night, and playing sports or being physically active was unthinkable. A friend of mine convinced me to book an appointment at a salon where the massage therapists were supposed to be great. At first, I was very skeptical that a simple massage would manage to cure my awful back and shoulder pain. However, even after the first session I felt a relief. After several weeks, my pain had reduced significantly and I was able to sleep better during the night.

I continued having massage sessions for a while as I wasn’t keen on taking any medication and, what is more, I no longer needed to as the pain was gradually subsiding. By my second month of therapy I even dared play tennis, which I hadn’t done for a long time. I was worried the pain might return, but there was no sign of it. Today, I can state I am a firm believer in massage therapy and would recommend it to anyone.

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